About Us

Our organization has a board that helps to direct our activities as well as several committees that are outlined below.

Sunshine Committee:

Meals for New Moms:   When members welcome a new baby, we ask for volunteers to deliver meals to the new mother.  Typically we provide meals every other day for two weeks.  We all know how wonderful this service is and how helpful it is during those first few weeks of bringing a newborn home.

Richard the Roaming Rooster:   Richard is a rooster sculpture who travels to visit moms who may be having a hard time.  He is a physical reminder to members that we are thinking of them during difficult times and are available to offer support.  He has visited members who have had deaths in their family, illness, moves and other such events.

Ding Dong Dessert Dash:  There is a tin that travels between the members homes and we take turns filling it with desserts just because it is something fun to do.  If you are the recipient of the Ding Dong Dessert dish you are asked to enjoy your dessert and then fill the tin with a dessert for another member and pass it along.  

Service Committee: 

One of the goals that International MOMS Club® has set for all local MOMS Club® chapters is that, under the international byLaws, we perform at least one charitable, humanitarian, or social welfare project benefiting children each year. The service committee plans and coordinates volunteers for these activities. Prior to each fundraiser, our members vote on the charity or charities we will donate the monies to. The club's Administrative Vice President (AVP) is responsible for organizing the activities of this committee and member participation in activities related to it.

Our monthly calendar of events provides all the information about what’s happening each month in the club. Our monthly newsletter lists births and member birthdays as well as helpful parenting tips, useful information, classifieds and other noteworthy tidbits. Other fun things we have going on each month are listed in the column on the right.
Moms Night Out:

One of the best ways to get to know each other without those little interruptions! Everyone looks forward to those nights out each month. MNO events are open to all members.


Most commonly arranged by children’s ages, playgroups are a wonderful way for your children to make special friends and for you to make some new friends as well. Currently the Club has several active playgroups and new ones are formed as needed. We also invite members to consult our roster for names of other moms with children of similar ages to set up informal playgroups if they wish. 

Book Club:

Open to all members and their guests, this group gets together to discuss a book chosen the month before by the hosting member. This is a great way to explore reading material you might not have otherwise chosen. We know that everyone’s leisure time is limited, so it is not necessary that you complete the entire book to attend the discussion.

Walking Club:

Again open to all members, this group meets for a bit of exercise each month. In good weather months, the group meets at a park with a walking trail and a playground. The moms get a few laps in and end with the kids being able to burn off their energy at the playground. During the winter, the group sometimes meets at a local mall for laps. We resist the urge to shop! Walking club will be listed on the monthly calendar.

Cooking Club:

Our most recent addition to the little clubs within our club is the cooking club.  Again, open to all members, this group meets to do soup swaps, recipe exchanges, freezer meal preparations, etc. Cooking club will be listed on the monthly calendar.

Babysitting Co-op:
There is an opportunity to join our club's babysitting co-op run through, SittingAround.  It's a point based system where we trade free babysitting with the other members of our MOMS Club babysitting co-op.